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Artist Work

painted steel and masonry nails
64" X 50' X 16"
yarn, foam pipe insulation, wire
14' X 8' X 12"
yarn, steel, wire, found objects
site specific
Oxidation Happens: Ornamental series #1-3
Japanese rice paper, Japanese ink, steel dust, vinegar
11" X 93"
June 2011
94 X 91 X 42
55" X 30" X 70"

Artist Information

Carroll County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Loss, impermanence, construction, destruction: everyday we are bombarded with images from around the world that show how life on this earth is continuously changing. I react and respond to my surroundings, both attracted and repelled by the natural process of disintegration. My own experiences with loss deeply influence my work, whether it is the loss of someone I loved or the personal changes I have gone through in the past few years. As a dance/movement therapist, I was trained to observe, not just with my eyes but with my entire body. This training allows me to see and feel the subtleties in the world. I am mesmerized by movements both large and small: the way the wind catches a single leaf on a tree, the twitch of a cat’s whisker, the arc of a bomb as it falls towards the ground. I am challenged to incorporate this movement into my sculptures. Often my sculptures are informed by the materials that I use. Through my exploration of various materials, I record single brief moments within the ever-changing scenery of life. I am not tied down to one medium, I prefer to use whatever is in front of me to capture my views of the world. Found objects inspire a story, woven vessels hold a feeling and rusted steel leads to a series of paintings. Each technique, whether it be welding or weaving, lends itself to its own way of expression. I find this exploration endlessly fascinating.

Artist Bio

Virginia Sperry started off her art career working with polymer clay and participating in retail and wholesale craft shows around the country. In 2003 she decided to do something different and took a metal fabrication class at the local art college. She spent the next 12 years creating and selling life-sized steel animal sculptures. In 2015 Virginia was accepted to a bio-art residency at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. This residency opened up her artistic repertoire to include site specific, mixed media conceptual art installations. Virginia lives with her husband, two dogs and two cats outside of Baltimore, MD. She recently opened up her property as a sculpture garden which is open several times a year.