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susan wolfe huppman

susan wolfe huppman

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I am always searching for an epiphany. My abstract acrylic paintings are achieved through the intuitive process of many layers. I try to engage the "right" side of my brain with my materials and their physical properties to stumble into an arrangement of layers and effects such that the finished state of the piece is more interesting than if I had executed it with a logical plan. Sometimes serendipity happens.

Artist Bio

Susan Wolfe Huppman grew up in New Orleans.  She graduated from Princeton in 1983 with an A.B. in Art History/Visual Arts. She studied Critical Theory under poet and artist, David Shapiro, himself a student of Meyer Shapiro. She studied painting under Sean Scully, Michael David, Harvey Quaytman and Heidi Gluck.

She has taken many continuing studies classes at MICA.