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Stina Ayala

Stina Ayala

Artist Work

Wetlands and Meadows and Forests, Oh My!
Live Musical Storytelling Performance
45 Minutes

Artist Information

Howard County
Artistic Category

Music, Performing Arts

Artist Bio

My name is Stina (Christina Ayala) and I am an environmental educator and performing artist living in Maryland. I grew up in the beautiful state of Alaska where I first connected to the natural world through endless hours of outdoor play in "the last frontier". Surrounded by Alaskan Native storytelling, song, and dance, I studied folklore and performing arts at UCLA where I graduated with a B.A. from the Department of World Arts and Cultures. 


I enjoy performing at nature centers, libraries, schools, but most of all, outdoors! I create shows that are specific to communities' local wildlife, habitats, cultural and natural history, and ecological concerns. Every show strives to build an emotional connection and ecological imagination with nature- a connection that is often missing in our environmental education. Luckily, Maryland has plenty of fascinating material for nature games, stories, and songs!​​​