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Richard Morris

Richard Morris

Artist Work

Cologne No. 10 For Men
6x9 inches
Well Considered
6x9 inches
Canoedling in Cleveland
6x9 inches

Artist Information

Prince George's County
Artistic Category

Literary Arts

Artist Statement

My novels are entertaining stories that include themes of war and peace, racial equality, gender equality, and residential segregation.

Artist Bio

Richard Morris began writing novels after working in the housing industry for thirty years. His first book, Cologne No. 10 For Men, is a Vietnam War satire that has been compared to Catch-22 and M.A.S.H. It's based on his experiences as a rifle platoon leader in Vietnam. Writer’s Digest calls it a “superb novel of the Vietnam War,” and in 2013 the Vietnam Veterans of America reviewer David Willson said, “There aren’t very many funny Vietnam War infantry books. This is one of them. Read it and be amazed.” Two copies have been placed in the Naval Academy Library.

Well Considered, his second novel, is a thriller that takes place in Maryland.  Robert Fleming of the African American Literature Book Club calls it “A profoundly memorable and affecting novel,” and Kirkus describes it as “a sensitive study of race and history in the American South” and “a multilayered thriller.”  The Prince George’s County Historical Society has included a copy of it in their library in Greenbelt.

His third, Canoedling in Cleveland, is a young adult novel is set in Morris’s home town of Cleveland.  In it, teens canoe the polluted waters around the city in the summer of 1960 and confront racial segregation. One reviewer describes it as a coming-of-age novel that is “as timeless as Huckleberry Finn.” Cuyahoga County Public Library and Prince George's County Public Library have placed copies in their collections.

Morris writes in Hyattsville, Maryland, where he lives with his wife, enjoys his three children, their spouses, and six grandchildren, and is working on his fourth novel.