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Pam Foss

Pam Foss

Artist Work

Styrofoam on board
62" by 14" by 2"
Th Courtship
Bronze sculpture
168" high by 60" wide by 48" deep
Out of the Blue
Styrofoam on board
78" high by 48" wide by 8" deep
Boston terrier
Mixed: poly-resin, acrylic & wood
39" high by 10" deep by 10" wide
Handmade cast paper sculpture
72" wide by 48" high by 4" deep
Transition Two
Handmade paper
35" wide by 26" high by 2" deep

Artist Information

Kent County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

My goal as an artist is to create a body of art inspired by the natural world that is structurally complex, materially inventive, and thematically ambitious.

Artist Bio

Pam Foss, Sculptor

I am a native of Atlantic City, New Jersey. I was drawn to the visual arts at an early age, receiving my first formal training at Arts High School in Newark, New Jersey. Unable to afford college, I immediately entered the workforce and married a few years later spending the next several years raising our three children.

I studied sculpture on my own and by apprenticing with various artists as time permitted while my children were growing-up. My career as a full time visual artist began in 1980 with an emphasis on creating a series of equine bronze sculptures. Although sculpture in its many forms is my favorite medium, I also enjoy creating art in a wide variety of other media including painting, assemblage, illustration, cartooning, computer graphics, and pop-up cards and books.

The current phase of my career is primarily devoted to creating abstract bas-relief sculpture in a variety of media including hand-made paper, resin, bronze, and Styrofoam as well as a series of historically based art boxes depicting some of the most influential galleries and studios in the history of modern art.

My inspiration comes from having been fortunate enough to live an amazing, well-travelled life that has provided me with an endless number of intriguing subjects for my work.