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Master See

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Love Vacancy
Master See
Master See & the Queens of SoulBeat
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Prince George's County
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Master See is tuned into the natural mystic that Bob Marley sang about during the Golden Age of Reggae. “Reggae music’s popularity peaked during the 1970s and 1980s with artists who spoke out against political and economic injustice,” says Master See. “That’s what attracted me to people like Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse and many others.

His musical journey began when his former wife gave him a bass guitar as a birthday present. “Around that time, I listened to reggae constantly,” say Master See. “I really loved the melodic bass lines of great musicians like Aston “Family Man” Barrett and Robbie Shakespeare. I talked about it all the time. That’s why she bought me a bass guitar.”

Armed with his new guitar and a drum machine, Master See focused on developing his songwriting skills. “I realized very early on that my focus should be on songwriting so I could capitalize on my experience as a creative writer and singer. I worked hard and did a lot of research early on and it paid off.”
When asked to describe his music, Master See responded, “I call my style SoulBeat: A Dynamic Blend of Reggae and Soul. It’s important that original artists reflect their reality and not just be imitations of others. Growing up in the Deep South means that I stand on a powerful music tradition that created the blues, jazz, r&b, funk and soul. I take the Mighty U-Roy’s declaration to heart – “I originate! So you must appreciate! Others got to imitate, you know!”

Strong vocals and a charismatic stage presence have led some to compare Master See favorably to Peter Tosh, his all-time favorite reggae artist. “There’s nothing more inspiring than an original artist whose works are a true expression from deep within. Like Tosh, my songs are not calculations, they are revelations.”

A poignant lyricist, solid vocalist and innovative producer, Master See is inspiring music lovers around the globe with his latest CD ‘4EVA MUSIC’. “This latest CD project was completed during a very challenging time in my life; what you might call adverse circumstances. Yet, it is some of my best work. I really strive to create a musical environment that brings out a certain feeling of openness and empathy in the listener. Then, the lyrics can be written into their hearts and minds. Such is the power of music.”

Take notice! Master See creates art for the mind, body and soul!