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Artist Work

Chipped Paint Group
White latex paint or gesso, screenprint, acrylic ink
18" x 64" (all four panels)
Small Chipped Paint
White latex paint or gesso, screenprint, acrylic ink
10" x 8"
crocheted embroidery thread, matboard on white wall
108" x 108" x 24"
Entropy 2013
image is 2013
crocheted embroidery thread, matboard, semi-gloss and flat white paint
87” x 192” x 12”
Architectural Plan IV (Construct)
screenprinted thread on architectural vellum
24" x 36"
Architectural Plan IV (Deconstruct)
screenprinted thread on architectural vellum
24" x 36"

Artist Information

Montgomery County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I have become aware of the walls around me as I navigate the various rooms in buildings I move in and out of in my day to day existence. I become aware of how they contain, protect, constrain, and delineate the space in which I can move freely. My movements are channeled and circumscribed by the walls and ceilings...their height, their width, their appearance, the extend to which they allow natural light, or do not. In my studio my walls are white like blank canvas, and so the work gets made on the wall, or about the wall or referring to the wall. I make paintings about walls, the white paint chips to show traces of the histories of former occupants. I place white embroidery thread crocheted bubbles in concentric circles, or in organic shapes against the white wall, drawing attention to the visceral difference in texture and typical function of these materials. I lay plywood panels against the wall or emerging from it, with layers of roughly-cut drywall interspersed with crocheted embroidery thread. Other times I make screenprints of floor plans using thread as a medium to draw with. Thread is used to build up layer by layer former homes reconstituted by memory. Thread is allowed to meander as thoughts often do.

Artist Bio

Maggie Gourlay uses screenprinting and installation as her primary vehicles to make art that relates to the concept of home.  She has had solo exhibits at Adah Rose Gallery in Kensington, School 33, the Creative Alliance Amelie Rotheschild Gallery in Baltimore, and Towson University.  Local group exhibits include VisArts, the Arlington Arts Center, McLean Project for the Arts, Glenview Mansion, Workhouse Arts Center, Target Gallery, Hood College, Notre Dame University of Maryland, the Corcoran College of Art, and MICA.  Other exhibits include the Seacourt Print Workshop in Northern Ireland, b.j. spoke gallery in New York, Creative Arts Workshop in Connecticut, among others. She participated in PULSE NY 2014 with Adah Rose Gallery, received purchase grants from the DCAHC in 2012, and was a semi-finalist for Trawick Prize in 2010 and the Sondheim Prize in 2015. She is an adjunct art faculty member at Montgomery College, Rockville, MD.