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Jayoung Yoon

Jayoung Yoon

Artist Work

Line of Thought 1
Digital Print
40x60 inch
Form and Emptiness 08
Human hair, glue
Approximately 8x8x8inches
Sensing Thought 05
Human hair, glue, thorn fragment wrapped with hair
Approximately 16”h x 6”w x 6”d
Crown of Thoughts
Human hair
Approximately, 4x11x11inches
Empty Void 07
Human hair, Acrylic medium on panel
Empty Void 09
Polyester thread, Acrylic medium on panel

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

My art draws upon diverse spiritual practices that emphasize clearing the mind and directing attention into a heightened awareness of the present, and often the body. To convey those concepts, the artworks are a synthesis of hair sculpture, video, performance, and painting. Human hair, at once tactile and ephemeral, has become my visual nexus for the intersection between the physical and spiritual realms. As a material, hair is intimately corporeal and focuses the viewer’s attention on the body. As it grows, hair represents the accumulation of time. Since its physical properties make it last long after death, it is an especially appropriate symbol of remembrance. I use the hair sheared from my head, then transform the hair into wearable sculptures for my body. It comes back to my body with new symbolism, which represents invisible thoughts. In the videos, I let go of the sculptures, representing the departure of my thoughts from my body as a cleansing gesture through the meditative process. The videos become ritualistic meditation ceremonies. My head is shaved --as monks do--representing a detachment from materialist identity. I meditate with my back to the camera, embodying a detachment from gender, culture, and thought. The immersive quality of videos in conjunction with my androgynous appearance invites viewers to inhabit my body, and experience the process of clearing the mind. Also I make stand-alone (non-wearable) sculptures, which I sometimes use in video and performance, or collectively they become an immersive installation. I tie hair lengths together piece by piece. Weaving and knotting the hair by hand instead of using machinery creates unique, organic shapes both in the details and in the larger form. The weightless hair sculptures move from the airflow created by a viewer’s movements and from the environment. Those small movements in space, on an intricate scale, shift the awareness toward subtle perceptions that are often taken for granted. In my hair painting series, my hair appears submerged in acrylic in compositions of grids, geometric shapes and circles. I pared them down to the most reductive elements, to approach a simple space of perceiving structure fading away into the painted ether, representing thoughts dissolving, or surfacing between states of the conscious and unconscious mind.

Artist Bio

Jayoung Yoon is a New York-based artist born in Korea. Her solo shows include exhibits at Theo Ganz Studio, NY, 2016, Here Art Center, NY, 2013, Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, DE, 2011 and the Museum of New Art, MI, 2009. She was awarded the BRIC Media Arts fellowship, 2014, Franklin Furnace Grant Fund, 2010 and Artist Residencies by Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Swing space, Anderson Ranch Arts Center, and Sculpture Space. Most Recently, she was awarded the Vermont Studio Center Fellowships, 2015 and The Artist in the Marketplace program at Bronx Museum, 2016. She received her M.F.A. degree from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, 2009. Before that, she graduated the Post-baccalaureate certificate program at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland, 2007. She received her B.F.A. from the Painting and Visual Communication Design Department at Hongik University in Seoul, Korea.