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heather joi tennant

heather joi tennant

Artist Work

breathing liquid
oil on canvas
oil on canvas
16" x 20"
the gryphon
oil and mixed media
30" X 42"1/2
Persephone and kerberos
oil on canvas

Artist Information

Baltimore County
Artistic Category

Performing Arts, Visual Arts

Artist Statement

i have to paint in order to see the parallel and unifying dimensions of reality. The tools that I have to communicate these ideas and their implications are dynamic and symbolic use of line, color, and form.  When i set out to create, i empty myself, in a search to find an answer to a question that i do not yet know. It is a hallucinogenic rorschach trance where i feel that all i have are tools and the image is passing through me like a conduit. The meaning of my art often comes long after the act of creation. When i think i understand what is happening, i end up projecting my idea instead of allowing the original concept to form itself; the painting becomes contrived. As with nature, the organic process is always compositionally correct, so i strive to allow the intuitive flow of energy dictate the next move.  i use a combination of traditional and experimental techniques or from concepts that take precedence over traditional aesthetics or material concerns. i aspire to convey the paradoxically unifying concepts in spirituality, art, and science that can be understood through the transformational and cyclical processes found through the pattern that connects them together by using spontaneous psychic automatism and mystical surreal biomorphic mirror abstract expression. seamless, unnamable, it returns to the realm of nothing. form that includes all forms, image without an image, subtle, beyond all conception. ~the tao...14...Lao Tzu

Artist Bio

i was born during a rare december ice storm in ft worth texas. i am a visionary artist, self taught from the hills of west virgina. in high school i had the incredible artist, larry mattingly, for an art instructor.  After high school i joined the US Army and was sent to Germany where i explored my personal vision in the landscape of Europe. Once i was discharged, i immediately threw myself into a working artist life. Because i have felt protective of the purity of my vision, i have only recently began to study the masters that i resemble. i have studied artist technique books and i have been blessed to have had critique and support from baltimore art professors and artists. because i work through intuitive experimentation i am informed by my movement and modeling experience. i have shown at various baltimore business establishments and galleries. publications *urbanite. oct.19.2010. *art-full life.jan.4.2011 Solo exhibitions *Joe Squared. 2006 & 2010 *Brewer's Art. 2005 & 2011 *Latte Da. 2009. *Liquid Earth. 2009. *Dougherty's Pub. 2010. *Cyclops. 2011 Group Exhibitions *Sowebo Arts Festival. 2004-10. *Seed/Vector. 2006. *Metro Art Gallery. 2007. *Latte Da. Fells Point Art Loop. 2007 *The Convent. Fells Point Art Loop. 2007. *Maryland Art Place. 2005-20011. *Artdromeda. 2009. *Gallery 788. 2009-2011. *Creative Alliance Member Show. 2010. *Whole Gallery. 2010. *Dougherty's Pub. 2010. *Ukazoo. 2010. *Towson Arts Collective. Juried art show. "The text and It's discontext". 2010.