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Grace Sweeney

Grace Sweeney

Artist Work

Talia and Pete
Sweet Life

Artist Information

Baltimore City
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

I strive to create paintings that are both psychologically intriguing and true to nature. The human figure is a fascinating subject and I attempt to explore it because of the challenges it presents. Not only is it tedious to study and to correctly represent the individual and/or objects before me, but there is also the struggle to give the scene life. This energy in a piece of art work I try to get at is the thing that pulls the onlooker close and stirs curiosity. Each painting or drawing created makes an effort to illustrate and capture the mystery of the model’s character. Objects in landscapes and still lives also require effort to unveil a mood or personality. In a sense, painting and drawing become a study of people, places and things: a sort of artistic anthropology with the goal of framing the subject matter into a story or idea for the viewer to interpret

Artist Bio

I am a Baltimore native and currently live and work in Lauraville. I have shown at local restaurants such as the Chameleon Café, as well as galleries like the Charmed Life Art Gallery and Tattoo Studio, TruAx Custom Frames, Towson Arts Collective, Towson Framing Gallery and Definition Gallery. Right now I am an artist member at the Hamilton Gallery and show work there every month. My work can also be seen on display at the Art House in Hampden.
My education began at the Baltimore School for the Arts and then at MICA where I studied Painting and minored in Art History. Through MICA, I had the amazing opportunity to study with Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum one summer in Norway. Other places I have studied abroad include Aix-en-Provence, France and Monticello di Vibio in Umbria, Italy at the International Center for the Arts.
Currently I paint from my home studio where I live with my husband, St. Bernard named Duke, and two snakes.