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Claire Dupree

Claire Dupree

Artist Information

Harford County
Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

In this information age, humans are decidedly less personal and interactive. Narcissism, anxiety, isolation, and depression, amongst others, are traits perpetuated in contemporary culture and are themes I investigate in my bodies of work. I do so through the distortion of anatomy to create brutish, fleshy figures as a satirical representation of the technology-oriented generation of modernity. I attempt to construct universal scenarios for my figures to inhabit and passively encourage my viewer to relate or self-reflect upon both a grotesque and humorous portrayal of society. In conjunction with my comparatively vague figurative works, I am also interested in the deliberate isolation of particular moments in vernacular youth culture. I value this as an equally effective form of communication as they are presented in a manner which warrants extended meditation.

Artist Bio

A student-artist from Harford County, currently studying to complete her BFA in Painting with a minor in Art History at Salisbury University.