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Artist Work

Simbads Mural
Acrylic on Wall
32 by 12 feet

Artist Information

Artistic Category

Visual Arts

Artist Statement

Abraham C. Garcia - Professional Fine Artist and Master Muralist Former Professor of Airbrush Technique at the Univ. of Miami Portrait Specialist

Artist Bio

OCCUPATION EXPERIENCE & ACCOMPLISHMENTS TEACHING EXPERIENCE · Organization: Koubek Center, University of Miami, Fla. Offices held: Professor of Airbrush Technique Activities: Teaching, Portraits & Murals on wall of University of Miami Pool. Dates: 1988-1989 FINE ARTS PROJECTS · Wall murals in restaurants in Virginia, Maryland, & Washington D.C. · Exterior and interior murals on buildings, residences, etc. · Fine Art designs on custom cars & boats in Miami, Fla. · All genres of paintings including landscapes, portraits, still life. ACCOMPLISHMENTS · Professor of Airbrush Technique at University of Miami · Oil portraits for the Univ. of Miami Sports Hall of Fame · Painted murals in Olympic size pool at University of Miami · First place prize in a National art competition for custom-made cars in Miami, Florida · Commissioned to paint oil portraits of Congresswomen Alicia Casanova, Jean Austin and Congressman Richard Stone · Painted portrait of president Jimmy Carter · Second place prize in a national ceramics competition in Peru